Chipboard Model With Blade

BaseHEIGHT is a   digital design & fabrication studio   located in   New York City.   We launched with the goal of providing   rapidly-responsive manufacturing   capabilities to anyone. While New York City has one of the highest densities of creative professionals in the world, it can still be difficult to get things made locally if you don’t have the right software, the perfect drawings, or if you are not set to produce millions of parts.
By situating digital fabrication capabilities such as   laser cutting, CNC routing and 3D printing   directly alongside creative professionals such as architects, industrial designers, set designers, and the fashion industry, we can accelerate the ability to produce physical prototypes and products, all within a much smaller footprint than typical manufacturing processes.
Our goal is to combine the precision and efficiency of digital design and fabrication techniques with   craftsmanship and customer service.   We can help you get one part made as easily as hundreds and we work with designers from a variety of creative industries as well as DIYers and tinkerers who just have an idea for something they want to see made. By rethinking the products and processes of the design and manufacturing industries, we can increase the awareness, appreciation and availability of good design by helping you   get your ideas realized.  


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