We are currently available by appointment only, so please get in touch by email to discuss your project.

Submit a File for an Estimate

The quickest way to get your project moving along is to email us a digital file of what you would like to produce. If you are planning on having parts laser cut, we will need a vector-based file (AI, DWG, Rhino, etc) in order to produce an estimate. If you are not yet at that stage or if you would like us to produce the digital drawings for you, you can just send along a sketch, image or description of what you would like to make.

Send your files along with a description of your project to:

Things to consider before sending along your file:
  • Note the type and thickness of material you would like to use and whether you will supply it yourself
  • Let us know the desired turnaround time for the project
  • Include any special instructions for the project (e.g., multiple iterations)