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Western Standards by Alan Ruiz

For his project “Western Standards S2-48,” artist Alan Ruiz asked us to fabricate a series of panels in MDF similar to the work we did for his project “Against Nature.” As in that project, the CNC router was used to create a series of shallow inserts made from the profile of the steel studs that […]

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Laser Marking Steel Panels

For this project, artist Alan Ruiz asked us laser mark a series of his drawings onto 1/4″ thick steel panels. First, a laser marking solution is applied the metal. Once the solution is dry, the panels are placed in the laser cutter where the laser fuses the artwork to the metal as it passes back […]

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Against Nature by Alan Ruiz

For his installation “Against Nature” at the Sunroom Project Space at Wave Hill, artist Alan Ruiz wanted to construct a system of alternating layers of standard steel studs. Set in front of the large arched windows of the Sunroom, the upright vertical channels needed to be carefully arranged. The CNC router was used to develop […]

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