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Laser Cut Felt for AVANDI

Through her Brooklyn-based studio AVANDI, Ariane van Dievoet designs and manufactures furniture, home goods and jewelry “inspired by sustainable solutions and modular systems.” According to Ariane, her designs are “honest and sophisticated” which she attributes to her Belgian roots. We were asked to fabricate a few elements for her studio using our laser cutting and CNC routing capabilities.

For this project, the TEEPEE coat stand, we were asked to laser cut several of the felt elements that would serve as both structure and storage. Most natural felts cut very cleanly in the laser, though the smell of the laser cut wool can be a bit potent for some time after cutting.

Images of the finished product provided by Ariane van Dievoet/AVANDI.

Laser Cutting Felt for Furniture Prototype

Laser Cut Felt for Furniture Prototype