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Kismet 2010 Xmas Card

For her 2010 holiday card, Carrie Hamilton of Kismet Design produced a piece that cleverly uses a variety of laser cutting techniques. The two-sided design overlays a series of laser cut openings in the word “XMAS” to form part of the roman numeral MMX for 2010 on the reverse surface. The non-overlapping portions of the XMAS/MMX graphic are scored by the laser so they do not pass through the paper. Finally,the text for the greeting on the front and the website URL on the back were laser engraved in order to reproduce the detail of the much smaller font.

The paper for the card was a Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper which is dense enough for the scoring and engraving to be deep enough to be legible without piercing through the reverse surface. We worked with Hamilton to optimize the settings and techniques used throughout the card to produce a work that is both legible, efficient and hard to forget.